Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Creative, is my middle name.

What more can you ask for ?
Going to school and getting to do this all day, heaven if you ask me !
This is my Red, violet and blue color melt.
Can't even begin to describe how happy I am of the turn out !
Finally, realizing this is where I should be.
This is where I need to be.
Surrounded with people who share the same passion,
and help me push myself to my full potential.
Here, I feel at home :)

Ps' Someone should get this one too :) xo

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Jealous yet ?

School has allowed me to get super creative lately,
and I'm loving every minute of it <3
Last week I got to do a ombre, then pull through a violet/blue color melt !!
I was so excited with the results,
small things like these reassure that I made the right decision to come to toronto !
We get to learn new things and techniques everyday !
Now who's getting this ?

ps' another few months since I've posted ?
Follow me, that might just be the pressure I need to keep it consistent !
Thanks for dropping by :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

"Twist and Shout"

Crazy doesn't even begin to describe the events I got to experience today !
The most important one by far had to be our job fair with the school,
14 companies coming to scout out potential future employees, what a nerve breaking experience !!
But I've got to admit, it went really well :)
Got to ask lots of important questions,
and get more incite on where to look for future editorial positions !

Here's a fun up-do I did a few months back,
my friend had these beautiful peak-a-boo highlights that I just had to get my hands on !!
Very simple styling when broken down,
twisting individual strands in a circular motion and carefully pinning it :)
Making sure I got to showcase the blonde very nicely !

ps' If you guys have any ideas or critiques you want to share,
Don't be shy !!
Looking for any kind of feedback :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

"Dripping in Gold"

I'm a big fan of the side swipe look,
keeps it elegant and keeps you cool on the warm summer days :)

Gold is really in this season !
Slowly but surely switching all my jewelry on to the gold side,
never would have thought I'd be doing it, but having luck in finding many beautiful pieces !
Toronto has been treating me so well,
infinite shopping, fashion here is unreal !!
Not that moncton was hard to beat, but that's beside the point haha

ps' leave me feedback,
loving reading what you guys have to say :)

Friday, 6 July 2012

"Summer sun"

It's that time of year again,
when brunettes suddenly feel the urge to bring out their inner blonde !
Slowly but surely reaching the golden locks I once had :)

But the main focus behind this post is me wanting to let you guys know;
"follow your instincts, get creative and make mistakes"
yes, I know.. the making "mistakes" part is a real pain in the ass..
But believe me, it feels much better knowing then not knowing !
I can't count how many times people have tried to discourage me when dying my hair..
"I don't think you could pull off being a blonde" 
"Are you sure you want to dye your hair red?" 
"You're kinda pale to go that dark of a brown.."
I've heard them all, I've tried them all and I've proved them all wrong ;)

It just goes to show that trying new things often leads to good results !
And most important of all, hair grows back !

Thursday, 5 July 2012


I know, I know..
Doesn't come to anyones surprise that I decided to add a few braids to this up-do !
But when something works, you tend to stick with it :)
I think I'll challenge myself for the next week,
find something easy to do/up keep as an alternative !

Let me know if you have any suggestions :)
Can't wait to see what I come up with !

"Back on track"

Who would have guessed it ?
Me, not post for a month ? No, never...

Well I'm happy to say I'm all settled into the new house !
Saying Toronto's a big city is an understatement, trust me.. But I'm getting the hang of it finally :)
Second day of school and for the first time ever I can honestly say this is where I belong,
Now that I'm all organized and finally found some valuable time to work on this blog, 
expect lots of interesting posts in the future :)

ps' this picture was taken my first day,
they sent us home with a whole bunch of new stuff !!
Can't wait to test everything out !
and you guys will get to see the end result, of course :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012


My dream ? To one day style for editorial shoots.
Being creative and seeing the end result, nothing can compare !
If any one has ideas on different themes, let me know :)

"messy bun fun"

How does something so messy end up still looking elegant ? Beats me !
So about 3 months have passed since my last post, sad..
But I'm going to try again and hopefully this time it sticks !
Just a few weeks until my big move to Toronto, excited doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling !
Can't wait for my first day at the Aveda Institute, new apartment, new beginnings..

Saturday, 28 January 2012

"My obsession"

          I just can't seem to get enough of bows ! It's become an obsession of mine and the people around me have started to notice. I've received nothing but positive feedback from the multiple bows I have done on my models by simply using their hair. So simple and easy, made with a curling iron and elastic.
ps' Might even make a tutorial for this one !

"For the love of braids"

          When it comes to braids, the sky is the limit. They can easily help you dress up or down an outfit in a matter of minutes. I personally love parting my hair to one side, this french braid will help you keep a clean look for hours without worrying about bobby pins, elastics, etc...

"Bow Meets Girl"

       When "facebook" and "Stumbleupon" just doesn't cut it anymore, you need to move onto bigger and better things. I've been browsing blogs for the past year now and was very interested in starting my own, but questions like "how" and "where do I start?" always pushed this plan on the back burner. Finally, I told myself what better way to start then by just jumping in ? 
Let's just hope I won't drown !
       The main reason behind "Bow meets girl" is for my love of hair and bows ! There's just something so classic looking about a girl wearing any kind of bow. I truly hope this blog will push me to create new things on a weekly basis, that's what I'm aiming for ! I'm open to any positive criticism, anything that will help me improve on my future works.