Friday, 6 July 2012

"Summer sun"

It's that time of year again,
when brunettes suddenly feel the urge to bring out their inner blonde !
Slowly but surely reaching the golden locks I once had :)

But the main focus behind this post is me wanting to let you guys know;
"follow your instincts, get creative and make mistakes"
yes, I know.. the making "mistakes" part is a real pain in the ass..
But believe me, it feels much better knowing then not knowing !
I can't count how many times people have tried to discourage me when dying my hair..
"I don't think you could pull off being a blonde" 
"Are you sure you want to dye your hair red?" 
"You're kinda pale to go that dark of a brown.."
I've heard them all, I've tried them all and I've proved them all wrong ;)

It just goes to show that trying new things often leads to good results !
And most important of all, hair grows back !


  1. I think both colours look great on you, you don't look pale in blonde at all!

    Enjoy your weekend!