Saturday, 28 January 2012

"Bow Meets Girl"

       When "facebook" and "Stumbleupon" just doesn't cut it anymore, you need to move onto bigger and better things. I've been browsing blogs for the past year now and was very interested in starting my own, but questions like "how" and "where do I start?" always pushed this plan on the back burner. Finally, I told myself what better way to start then by just jumping in ? 
Let's just hope I won't drown !
       The main reason behind "Bow meets girl" is for my love of hair and bows ! There's just something so classic looking about a girl wearing any kind of bow. I truly hope this blog will push me to create new things on a weekly basis, that's what I'm aiming for ! I'm open to any positive criticism, anything that will help me improve on my future works.

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